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In this Ph.D. thesis it is shown how most modeling problems in PKPD as well as biopharmaceutics can be set in a single, general framework.

A presentation of how mathematical modelling can solve problems in PKPD and biopharmaceutics.

Scientific testing is the common way of checking whether a new drug is useful or bioequivalent to a reference drug. In this course, we show how to determine the number of samples needed to prove or disprove our hypothesis.

Course on Experimental design with laboratory animals

With the introduction of the 3Rs (Replace, Reduce, Refine) in laboratory practices, statistical issues related to the reduction of animals play an important role in the approval of research projects by ethical committees. This course explains how to design an experiment from the statistical point of view (how many animals and how to distribute them)

Course on Statistical Experimental Design

How to distribute individuals, animals, cell cultures, ... into different groups to run an experiment that allows statistically testing by research hypothesis

Selection guide for Hypothesis tests

Which test should I use? T-student? One or Two groups? Paired samples or Independent samples?

This test helps you to choose the right test for your data.

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